Happy New year!

We are sure many of you have already found our new Concealer Foundation and Incognita on the website. We have received several questions about these products. The Concealer Foundation can be used as either a foundation or a concealer. While the Incognita is similar to other companies "multitasking" concealers. The Incognita will disguise imperfections but is not as heavy coverage as our Concealer Foundation. This is why we created a "Touch Up" category. These products can be used to tweak and touch up your total look.

We are still working hard to find a new method to display our products online to better represent their intensity and interference. Look for new pictures to arrive in the new year that, we hope, will show the colors better.

One thing we are sad to announce is the departure of one of our team members. Due to this unexpected change we have been very slow to release new items and we did fall behind in our e-mails as well and we sincerely apologize for these occurrences. Each and every one of you matters to us and we appreciate you all so much. We never want you to feel neglected or bored with Sassy. We hope to do a better job from here on out with our customer relations.

On the business side of things we are going to have to make a few changes as well. We sat down with our accountant and did some calculations and discovered, to our dismay, that every sample we make costs us 95 cents to produce, while we are selling them for 75 cents. To add to this, we have been shipping many packages containing 70+ samples to international destinations using the free shipping option and it is costing us around $36 per shipment. So not only are we losing money on every sample, we are paying a lot in shipping costs. Because of this problem, we have changed our international free shipping option to orders over $75. On top of that, we are going to have to raise our sample prices. While this pains us to do, we have to be able to make some money on them. We will be raising the sample prices to $1.00 after the New Year. We are so sorry for this inconvenience and hope you will all understand our dilemma. However, we will not be raising the prices of our full sizes.

Just as a teaser for you, some of our new products that will be released soon are pure white and pure black eyeliners, new eyeshadows, including one we think will rival Gasoline Rainbow as a best seller, and Taboo eyeliner is getting a makeover to be more taboo with an increase in shimmer and sparkle since we find it is a little bland and doesn't live up to it's name right now. On the development agenda we also have more Incognita colors as well as those darn pesky lipglosses we have not finalized yet, a new bronzer, some more blushes, and many more ideas that we hope to bring to reality very soon.

For now we want to wish everyone a very Happy New Year and thank you so much for Being Sassy!