Major Breakthrough!

We are so excited today! We just had a major breakthrough with our concealer formula! Although we thought we had completed this formula a while ago, upon application we found it was really emphasizing not so desirable features, like wrinkles and pores, ick! It was just too heavy and too glowy. So despite the absolutely gorgeous texture and feel, we went back to the drawing board. Well, today 9 versions later we have found our concealer! It not only has heavy coverage, but it is not as glowy and it actually de-emphasized the yucky stuff that version 23 was emphasizing! Now we get to try and make the colors perfect so they match our original formula, then you all will get to test drive this lovely new formula! We are just so thrilled that it makes working through the Holiday weekend so worth it!

On another development front, we are putting the finishing touches on our version of a very popular multi-tasker that was reformulated by the seller. One of our lovely customers sent us a few samples of the desired products and we have not only nailed it, but added a Sassy spin and made it better. Now if only we could come up with a name for this little beauty. The original product was a concealer, but given that our concealer foundation is so much more concealing, we haven't come up with a proper name for this product. Any suggestions? If you come up with the  name for our new product we will send you one for free!

 Thank you for being Sassy!

Welcome to Sassy Minerals

We have decided it is time to start a blog so we can keep all of you informed about what is going on here at Sassy Minerals.

We are working very hard on a bunch of new products and realize it is taking way longer then we expected. We are down to the last few options for our concealer foundation. Once that is completed we will be working hard to make sure the colors are exactly the same as the regular foundations. Don't you hate it when you find your color and then it is completely different in another formula? So do we!

The brushes and Lipglosses have become a major problem for us. We have had to switch brush manufacturers twice. There just doesn't seem to be consistency between samples. We are hoping we have finally found our manufacturer but only a few rounds of samples will tell if they are going to be able to recreate the brushes to our requirements. We get e-mail every day from one company that seems to be the major supplier to most small companies. It tempting as it is to just go with them since the brushes are super cheap, but we just don't want to compromise for cheap and easy. Plus wouldn't you rather have something new and wonderful rather then just the same old brushes available anywhere?

As for the lipglosses. we hit a slight supplier snag. Our supplier is no longer carrying several of the ingredients we had planned to use, so now we are attacking this two ways, we are trying to find new sources for these ingredients while at the same time testing out some new formulas.  While we are doing that we are choosing what colors to make. My current fave is Over the Garden Gate applied over The Kisser balm. It is subtle and lovely and makes my lips look awesome. Do you have any colors you would love to see turned into a lippie?

It is sad watching so many suppliers cutting back on their product offerings. We understand, this economy is tough, especially for small companies. Larger and larger quantities of raw materials are required to meet manufacturers minimum order sizes, which of course puts a strain on the little guys at the end of the line, like our wholesalers and us. We hope you will understand that we have lots of dreams and ideas, but have to balance them with our ability to get new ingredients in. We have seen many small companies grow too quickly and then suddenly their delivery times are really slow or they just close their doors altogether. We are in this for the long haul so please don't give up on us, we realize we are slow to release new items, but we are never slow to get orders to you. We are doing our best to meet your beauty needs as well as create new items you may have never known you needed.

We hope this blog will help us keep you in the loop about what is going on here as well as let you tell us what you love or want or even what you had for breakfast. We want to hear from you!