Sassy Announcement

Hello Sassy ladies!

We have some new and exciting news that we think you will all be thrilled with. First of all we lost another team member due to a job promotion. So things have gotten very difficult around here. I was so sad to see her go, but am proud of her achievements and wish her all the success she deserves.

Now for some super secret information about Sassy. When we first started this company we hired Lauren Sheahan at LaurEss to help us develop our formulas. Lauren is also a Green Bay resident so we had tons of fun brainstorming and creating the Sassy product line. When Lauren heard about the troubles we have been having, she offered to purchase Sassy Minerals to keep the products available and to expand and broaden the line. After much discussion we have come to an agreement and are proud to announce that LaurEss is now our parent company. We know that under Lauren’s watch Sassy will become the wonderful and exciting company we envisioned from the beginning. She has already developed several products for us that will be released in the next few weeks.

But first!

We are moving! Over the next two weeks LaurEss and Sassy will be joining forces in a new facility. The new facility is gorgeous and fresh and has so much more room than our little space. Plus it is an upgrade from where LaurEss is currently located. Lauren has spent the last two weeks painting and prepping for all the new products and equipment coming her way and I know the new area will allow for better efficiencies and faster shipping times.

I know change can be scary, but as I said, Lauren has put a lot into our company already and she will not be changing what has made us so popular, however she will be making many improvements that we think you will love. So stay tuned for new and exciting updates and keep on being Sassy!

With thanks,